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Our district logo, embossed on the pin is that of a proud lion roaring, standing on a log, with his head held high. It strives to represent all our dear lion friends, who stand tall as proud leaders of the society, manifesting every attribute that becomes the "King of the Jungle".

This logo was carefully chosen so that whenever you see it or wear it, it would constantly remind you of who you are and how you can and should lead the society, making a perceptible change in the world by becoming a worthwhile social leader, working for the prosperity of others and human causes, managing to create an equilibrium in the society. Remember, lions are the "Kings of the Jungle", not only for their raw power and strength but also for the magnificent qualities, which make them just and rightful rulers of the land. They exercise full control over the land they live and all that exists on it too - the trees, the air, the animals, the plants; in fact the entire Mother Nature that is spread over that place. However, in recent times, we find that unhealthy practices have started by us humans only in the name of ruthless modernisation viz. Deforestation primarily. Stripping our precious earth of its natural, life-sustaining, healthy cover is a big crime and our logo " the roaring lion on the log" seeks to draw your immediate and urgent attention to it. Could lions exist without the jungle ? Where would they and the countless inhabitants of our forest go if we forcefully plunder and destroy their natural habitat, committing a heinous and unforgivable crime, to be looked on with utter shame in times to come!! Thus, do be attentive on seeing the log and commit to bring back the sanctity and decorum of our Mother Nature and environment. May this light a spark in your heart whenever you wear this pin and remind you constantly of how to be a perfect leader for doing good for the people and this amazing planet, we call 'Our Mother Earth’.