Core Team

Sunil Kedia - Cabinet Secretary

Home Club Ranchi East
Year of Joining 2004
Date of Birth 1st August
Date of Marriage 28th Nov.
Occupation Business
Spouse Vijaya
Mobile 9431157121, 7766917121
Address 404, Amaltash, Residency EState, 82, H.B. Road, Lalpur, Ranchi- 834001
Post Held Jt. CT, DPRO, DC, President
Awards Int. Presidential Medal, Leadership Medal, Appreciation Certificate, Best President, Outstanding President of MD 322A, Best PRO of Dist., Best Secy, Best Treasurer of MD 322A, Treasurer of Dist. Lion of the Year, Outstanding Lion of the year 3 times.

Ramesh Khemka - Cabinet Treasurer

Year of Joining 1994
Date of Birth 11th Jan.
Date of Marriage 10th Dec.
Occupation Business
Spouse Meenakshi
Mobile 9431101785
Address Khemka Trading Co., Upper Bazar, Ranchi -834001
Post Held President, ZC, RC
Awards Outstanding President, International President’s Appreciation Certificate.

Prakash Arora - District PRO

Home Club Ranchi Prabhat
Year of Joining 2009
Date of Birth 2nd Jan.
Date of Marriage 14th May
Occupation Business
Spouse Asha
Mobile 9835172031
Address T.D. Sons, Kunj Lal Street, Upper Bazar, Ranchi- 834001
Post Held President, Zone Chairperson, Region Chairperson
Awards Intl. Presi. Award, Best President 322A, Dream Achievers Award, Extention Award, 15 Members Key Award, Strenghten the pride award ZC for 4 quarters, Outstanding Z.C. of the multiple, MD322, Best Zone Chairperson 322A, Dignity Award RC for 2 semesters, Outstanding Region Chairperson 322A, Lion of the Year - Thrice & many more.

Laxmi C. Rathi - District Advisor

Home Club Dhanbad
Year of Joining 1975
Date of Birth 20th Sep
Date of Marriage 21st May
Occupation Business
Spouse Lata
Mobile 09334029105, 08252069272
Address Near Om Bhawan, joraphatak, Dhansar, Dhanbad - 828106, Jharkhand
Post Held President, ZC, RC, DC
Awards Many

Rajendra Kr. Sarawagi - District Coordinator

Home Club Ranchi East
Year of Joining 1969
Date of Birth 22nd March
Date of Marriage --
Occupation Business
Spouse --
Mobile 9431174908
Address Ranchi Metal Supply Co., S.N. Ganguly Road, Ranchi- 834001
Post Held President, CS, DC
Awards Many

Deepak Udani - Joint Cabinet Secretary

Home Club Dhanbad
Year of Joining 2010
Date of Birth 30th July
Date of Marriage 29th June
Occupation Business
Spouse Abhilasha
Mobile 9835512901
Address Udani Niwas, Bastacolla, P.O. Dhansar, Dhanbad - 828106
Post Held Club Secretary, Club President, Zone Chairperson, District Chairperson, Region Chairperson, DSF Co-ordinator.
Awards Best Secretary, Outstanding President, Outstanding Zone Chairperson, Outstanding District Chairperson (Cultural & Community Activity), Outstanding Region Chairperson, International Membership Pin, International President Appreciation Certificate, Best Public Speaker (2015-16).

Manoj Naredi - Joint Cabinet Treasurer

Home Club Ranchi East
Year of Joining 2007
Date of Birth 29th Sept.
Date of Marriage 10th July
Occupation Business
Spouse Karuna
Mobile 9431114771
Address Naredi Bhandar, Chata Compound, Baralal Street, Upper Bazar, Ranchi - 834001
Post Held Secretary
Awards ---

Sonia Suhashini - First Lady

Home Club Ranchi Queens
Year of Joining 1997
Date of Birth 17th Feb.
Date of Marriage 10th Dec.
Occupation Business
Spouse Rajiva
Mobile 9835348738
Address 1A, Shivalik Apartment, North Office Para, Doranda, Ranchi - 834002
Post Held Zone Chairperson, Charter President, District Chairperson
Awards International President, Zone Chairperson, Excellence Award, Outstanding Zone Chairperson, Best President, Lion of year, Guiding lion of the year

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